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The following is a small sample of projects I've designed or otherwise had a direct hand in creating. It is by no means comprehensive, but hopefully gives you an insight into the various types of projects I've been given and some of the design problems I've solved for. If you like something, feel free to say so.


LegalZoom Responsive Homepage


As one facet of a full overhaul of its online presence, I took the lead in designing a homepage that would reintroduce LegalZoom as a provider of legal solutions and no longer simply documents. The page had to feel warm, helpful and engaging while allowing for easy discovery of LegalZoom's wide breadth of legal services for small businesses and families.

Functionally, the page had to be responsive, integrating a new responsive navigation and new modules unique to the homepage experience. All-in-all it was a monstrously collaborative process that successfully brought LegalZoom front door to the modern web.